Q. What RC vehicles work with your RC LED Light Kits?
A. Our LED head & tail light & Ground Effect kits run on Traxxas, HPI, LOSI, Team Associated RC vehicles and more. They can be used on cars, boats and planes and work with 1/5, 1/8, 1/10 and 1/16 scale size RC vehicles.

Q. Do your RC LED light kits require external batteries?
A. No, all of our RC LED Light Kits are designed to run off the internal electrical systems of the RC vehicle. Our lights operate at 6v and plug directly into an available channel of your RC receiver. All the necessary connectors to use our products with your RC vehicle are included with the kits. You can however, run our RC LED light kits on external batteries if you choose to do so. This is helpful if you would like to use the RC LED Light Kits for projects other than RC vehicles or where there isn't an available channel on your RC vehicle. 4 AA batteries will operate both the head & tail light and ground effects kits for hours.

Q. Do your lights work with electric and gas powered vehicles?
A. Yes, our lights work with both electric and gas powered vehicles.

Q. Are your LED Strip Light Kits waterproof?
A. The LED head and tail light strips are waterproof as well as the color changing ground effects lights. The controller for the ground effects kit is NOT waterproof so care should be taken in its placement in the vehicle if the RC vehicle will be operated in a wet environment. (RC Boat for example).

Q. Can I use the RC LED Light Kits for other things than my RC vehicles?
A. Yes, you can use our RC LED Light Kits for almost any project you want to add instant light too. The Head & Tail Light & Ground Effects Kits operate at 6v. This means you can use 4 x AA batteries to power both systems together or separately. 4 AA battery holders can be purchased at Radio Shack for a few dollars and can be wired directly to the RC Kits.

Q. I am a retailer interested in carrying your products. How do I go about doing this?
A. Please visit the contact us page to submit your request. We will respond immediately and help get you get started.


1) While the 3M adhesive on the LED strips is very strong, extreme temperature changes can cause it to loosen over time. A good tip is to use a bead of tire glue on the top and bottom (long edges) of the LED strips to reinforce the adhesive. This is especially helpful for RC boats or if you are running your RC vehicle in wet conditions.