DIY LED Strip Light Kit
40% Off Sale! - The color changing RGB LED Strip Light Kit provides instant professional lighting to any environment and can be used virtually anywhere. 

Super Easy. Super Flexible. Super Bright. The LED Strip Light kit installs instantly with peel & stick ease. The full-featured remote allows you to change colors & effects so it can be used in any situation. Need task lighting? Select cool white. Need accent lighting or back lighting? Simply select cool blue or any of the 15 other colors. And if you're entertaining, the strobe, fade and flash effects will bring your party to life. The entire reel of LED strip lights (16.4 feet) uses just 25 watts. The amount of light will amaze you. Perfect for undercabinet lighting, task lighting, decks, walkways, DIY projects and because they operate at 12v, they can be used in full sized, cars, boats, RVs, motorcycles and more. 

Kit Includes Four Quick Connectors -  Perfect for projects when you need different lengths of LED strip lighting. Allows you to cut and reconnect the LED strips to your desired lengths. Makes DIY projects a breeze!

Where can I use the LED Strip Light Kits? The LED Strip Light Kits are waterproof* so they can be used both indoors and outdoors They provide amazing lighting around the deck, garage, patio and more. In the home they provide great accent or task lighting. LED Strip Light Kits are also great for commercial use. They will add instant brilliance to any retail display case or call attention to any store window. . Since the LED Strip Light Kits operate off of a 12v DC power source, they may also be used on full sized cars, motorcycles, boats, RVs, snowmobiles, etc. . A simple car adapter (lighter port) is all that is needed to take your LED Strip Light Kit on the go. If you have a mobile business, the LED Strip Light Kit is a great way to grab attention.

The LED Strip Light Kits work great for: Under cabinet lighting, Deck lighting , Back lighting (mirrors/pictures), Hallway/walkway lighting, Retail display cases, Automotive lighting, Boat/marine lighting, Landscape lighting & 1000s of other lighting applications. 

The LED Strip Light Kit is used by: Contractors, electricians, hobbyists, DIY home improvers, retailers, boaters, schools, commercial property managers and more.

The RGB LED Strip Light Kit includes:
(1) 16.4' reel of color changing LEDs
(1) RGB Controller (16 colors + strobe, fade & flash)
(1) Remote for RGB controller
(4) Quick Connectors <-- NEW!! 
(1) AC/DC switching power supply


DIY LED Strip Light Kit

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